Tradition, consciousness & hospitality



Central, legendary, lifestyle included. That is the Tiefenbrunner. We offer modern alpine living and casual comfort in the center of Kitzbühel. And our roots, our tradition and the more than 200 years of history of the Tiefenbrunner are simply part of it.

Rooted in tradition – creative and innovative.

Conscious living – regional and exclusive.

With Tyrolean hospitality at its heart – international and with urban chic.




…and sincerity – this is how new shoots and young leaves offering flexibility and ease grow from strong roots that offer us their support. The Tiefenbrunner has been family-owned since 1810, and we have been living hospitality and cordiality for over 200 years. A long tradition of which we are not just proud of, but which also inspires us anew every day. The Tiefenbrunner as a very special place of well-being – we want to continue this tradition.


…is simply part of us. To buy and process consciously, to design and develop consciously, simply to live consciously.

In close cooperation with farmers of the surrounding area, we source our food from local suppliers and, thus, not only support local farms but we can also promise our guests first-class quality at all time. REGIONAL IS GENIAL – we know it and we live it. Consciously and with commitment.


“Because it does matter where ingredients come from”.




…is the pulsating heart of the Tiefenbrunner. The passion for hospitality is what drives everything. The reason for us to give our best each day – so that You, our guests, feel at home. Tyrolean charm is never lacking yet a touch of internationality also goes a long way. A touch of urban chic for that certain something, and our Tyrolean hospitality become a language that really everyone will understand. From the bottom of our hearts.